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eMedi8's Project Management services span from planning, scheduling and controlling IS/IT projects, to managing critical interfaces with users and vendors, to balancing development needs with system maintenance.

eMedi8 can work as a consultant and/or implementor depending on your project, with services that include:



  • Project management
  • Project office
  • Analysis
  • Planning of IT-based business-strategies
  • Consulting and research
  • Performing studies

eMedi8 can help you optimize IT development and delivery processes so that you can bring every information technology project online more effectively, more quickly and on budget.

We can help you benefit by:

  • Maintaining control of your projects with proven scheduling techniques
  • Deliver quality systems on time
  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Budget more effectively
  • Keep conflict at a minimum
  • Keep track of projects through PM software tools


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